Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Mommy & Daddy's little bug

Baby Bug,

You are the size of a poppy seed right now and I can't believe how much of an impact you already have on my life. Your Daddy and I have waited so long for you to come into our lives and we feel so blessed to have you growing in Mommy's belly. We love you so very much. I'm already driving your Daddy crazy with the daily updates on your development inside my belly but I know he loves hearing about you :-)

We told the whole family about you today and everyone is so excited to meet you in 9 months. You're going to be one loved little baby bug. Everyone is already trying to guess if you are a boy or girl but all Mommy and Daddy care about is that you're a healthy little one.  Mommy promises to do all she can to make sure that the 9 months you are growing in my belly will be very healthy. Oh and don't worry Daddy is already making sure Mommy has lots of rest and relaxation. 

We love you baby bug and we can't wait to meet you in 251 days :-)


1 comment:

  1. Yes baby bug we are all very excited!! I may be hinting your a girl, but all the family truly wants is a nice, big (not too big though), healthy baby! You will be tremendously loved and are now! Love you baby bug!

    Love your cousin

    P.S. Love the nickname mommy to be!