Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Mommy & Daddy's little man

Oh baby boy! You are the love of mine and daddy's life. I can't believe how close we are to meeting you... Mommy and daddy get more and more excited everyday because that means we are one day closer to holding you in our arms and smothering your cute little face with kisses :-).

I do want you to know that daddy has grounded you for trying to come out early. You are not ready to come out and mommy has a nice cozy little home for you in her tummy and that's where you need to stay for another 10 weeks at least. I know you're really excited to meet mommy, daddy and the rest of your family but you gotta wait just a little longer. I promise it will be worth the wait :-)

Oh and one more thing, when daddy asks you to kick mommy's bladder please don't listen to him. Mommy doesn't enjoy having to run to the potty because you decided to listen to your silly daddy. Mommy will buy you the biggest most awesome tonka truck or whatever your little heart desires as long as you quit kicking my bladder. Do we have a deal? :-)



Wow it's been quite a while since I have been on this thing but I figured it was time for an update sooo hear ya go :-)

I am now almost in my 3rd trimester!! Can you believe it? I surely can not lol... This pregnancy has seriously flown by! If you don't know by now we are having a boy and naming him Logan Edward!! He is already the love of my life and I can not wait to meet my little man. He moves so much and it is absolutely amazing when I feel his kicks and punches. Troy just loves to rub my belly and tell Logan to kick my bladder and what does this little baby do? He kicks my bladder lol... Now as happy as I am that he already listens so well I wish this would be the one thing he wouldn't listen to his daddy about.

Logan is trying to make his entrance into the world a little too early but the doctors are doing everything they can to keep him baking until it's time for him to come out. I'll update more about that next week.