Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A year ago today....

I was getting woken up by my morning nurse for my daily monitoring of little mans heart rate. The normal questions were asked and answered and then she left so I could eat my breakfast and watch a little tv before the Dr. came in to talk to me about my 24 hour test results. I remember talking to Troy and saying "babe, you think I should shower now just in case they decide to induce me today?" we both kind of giggled and thought "no, nothing is going to happen today so just wait till this afternoon when your swelling is down a little"

Around 10am the Dr. came in with her little team and said "Mrs. Tikkanen, we received your test results and we will be inducing you today. Your protein levels are dangerously high and it's no longer safe for you or the baby if we keep you pregnant" I looked at Troy, he looked at me and we just said "ok"... It was all very surreal, I remember calling my mom and I was laughing while telling her to head to the hospital because they were inducing me. If you're wondering why I was laughing, it's because I really didn't want to cry and laughing is what I do in scary situations.

Around 10:30 am I got my pitocin and minutes later I received my epidural. All was going well for the first half but I wasn't dilating. They broke my water, contractions picked up, epidural stopped working and I was in tons of pain. The pain put my body into stress mode which effected my sweet baby boy and his heart rate dropped. It was at that point where a team of nurses stormed into my room and started unhooking me from my monitors while explaining that I was going in for an emergency c section. They threw a gown at troy and off I was to the OR. Once in the OR they gave me my spinal and Troy was allowed in the room. I was so happy to see his face, I was so scared and just the touch of his hand made me feel better. He was so good too, he assured me that I did my best and that "no, one could do it better". That man is a saint!! I don't remember how long the c section took but I do know that the moment I heard the sweet sound of my baby boy's 1st cry, all was right in the world.

Logan was such a strong little dude from the very beginning and boy did he have a set of lungs on him. At a whopping 3lbs 14oz he had the weight of his little world on his shoulders. They whisked him off to the NICU while I was sewed up and taken to recovery. I wasn't able to see him for a while but Troy would show me pictures and let me tell you, he was the most beautiful baby in the world!! I still remember arguing with the nurses to take me off of my meds so I could go see my baby. All I wanted was to hold him and to know that he was ok. Finally they let me go. Troy wheeled me down the hall to the NICU and we scrubbed up as if we were going into surgery. We finally got to his little area and there was this tiny little baby in the incubator and I looked at Troy and just started crying! He was more beautiful in person and you could just see the fight he had in him. Such a strong little baby!

Logan has done things his way since he was in my belly. He knows what he wants and he gets it lol. He is on no one else's schedule but his own and if you think he won't or can't do anything he will prove you wrong in a heartbeat! When he was born they told us that he wouldn't be out of the NICU until his due date, he was out in 12 days. They said his milestones would be delayed but he has hit every milestone on time, if not early. He really is our miracle baby and continues to amaze us on a daily bases.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!!!

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